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Please take the flu shot

We made arrangements for our home health nurse to give Lynn the flu shottoday.  I expect he will feel pretty rough tomorrow and maybe Sunday too because anytime he gets a vaccine or a change in medications or has to … Continue reading

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Disappointments and Guilt

This week has had several disappointments.  On Thursday and Friday, I was scheduled to take a course in Critical Incident Stress Management for my job.  I was really looking forward to it not only for the new information and skills … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

On October 11, 1997, Lynn and I got married.  As I stood at the entrance to the sanctuary, with my ten-year old escort (my son), my soon to be husband, was playing his guitar and singing me a song that … Continue reading

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What a day!

I have had a terrible day and it’s all due to having to get a new modem to my computer.  I truly believe computers can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare and since about Wednesday, I’ve had … Continue reading

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My back hurts…

Actually it’s my side.  I tried a patient lift but it didn’t work with Lynn’s wheelchair.  I know one that I would like to get–it’s a modified version of what we used in the hospital–but it’s over $3000 because it’s not provider by … Continue reading

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Helping with Lynn’s Career

As I mentioned in the page called, “Lynn’s story,” he soon became unable to work in his chosen profession as a carpenter after he was diagnosed with MS.  He was in his 40’s at the time and wanted very much … Continue reading

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