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How Many Specialist does it take to Treat One MS patient?

As I have been reading blogs written by other caregivers or MS patients, that joke that goes around “How many xxx does it take to….” comes to mind.  When Lynn was first diagnosed, I had a basic knowledge of MS … Continue reading

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Family of bloggers

When I first started blogging I had no idea what I was doing. I had heard about blogging but since I don’t have a lot of free time, I had not read many blogs.  Then while Lynn was in the … Continue reading

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MS Diet

One of the readers of my blog shared that she had heard of a diet to help people with MS.  She had a video of Terry Wahl talking about it. I was amazed as I watched the video that it … Continue reading

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Too many changes in too short a time

I’ve always disliked change.  I like things to be predictable and I like feeling in control.  I want to know what I’m responsible for, be able to plan my immediate future with some degree of probability, and I like to … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

Today is my Mom and Dad’s 59th wedding anniversary. When people comment about the sacrifice I’ve made to care for Lynn, I truly don’t understand why it seems so different.  I practice now what I saw my parents demonstrate for … Continue reading

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Privacy? You’ve got to be kidding…..

I keep thinking about how this is a topic none of us talk about but everyone has to face at some point so I decided to write about it.  Warning, it may seem insensitive to some but in reality it’s … Continue reading

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Not anemia? Guess it’s MS…

Lynn saw the hematologist this week to try to find out why his hemoglobin goes up and down.  When we got the lab work back, his hemoglobin had dropped one point which wasn’t that bad actually.  So then why does … Continue reading

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