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“I Know Someone With MS…”

When I tell friends, family, acquaintances, etc. what I’m up to these days (i.e., being a full-time caregiver for my husband while working full-time from home) it’s amazing how many people either have someone with MS in their family or know … Continue reading

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Hygiene and Grooming – Sweating the Small Stuff

Today was Lynn’s six-month visit with his dentist.  Tonight, after his shower, was time to cut his fingernails and file them.  Between the two activities I began to think about all the small things a caregiver takes over for their charge … Continue reading

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Just Say “No”?

I have never been one to find it easy to say, “no.”  I’m a people pleaser, I guess, but I find delight in making others happy and I enjoy helping people.  However, I guess for my own sake, and, maybe … Continue reading

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Supporting Lynn in his Work

One of the many challenges I face each day is how to devote the time needed to meet the obligations of my employment and give Lynn the care and attention he needs.  I’ve found that whenever he calls me back … Continue reading

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