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Accepting What You Grow Up With

When I was young, no one in my immediate family had any type of visible disability.  I grew up in the “country” and all the adults and children were physically active and spent a lot of time in physical labor.  … Continue reading

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Second Generation Caregiver

It would seem that as of this week, my daughter has officially become a caregiver thus establishing a second generation of caregivers in our family. In reality, she has been a caregiver for many months now, but with the hospitalization … Continue reading

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Caregiver or Mom?

Having just celebrated a great Mother’s Day with my three children and their spouse’s, I couldn’t help but think that although my kids are all now grown, my mothering days are not over. I’m not referring to my status of … Continue reading

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Has Anyone Seen My Magic Wand?

When you are a caregiver, you learn to multitask and plan ahead… or you don’t survive. Once you get good at doing these two things, then others, especially the one you’re caring for, seem to think that you can do anything…like … Continue reading

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