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See Me Through His Eyes

I’m ashamed of how much I complain to Lynn about the things he asks me to do.  If he calls me to cath him and it’s only been 40 minutes I’ll say something like, “you’ve got to be kidding!  You … Continue reading

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Call If You Need Anything

Every had this conversation? “How’s [insert family member’s name here] ? You know, that if you ever need anything, anything at all, that all you have to do is call….” Really?  In my experience most of the time that is a … Continue reading

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Loss of Intimacy?

When my role as a caregiver became more demanding, I found myself acting more as a caregiver and less as a wife.  In the early stages of MS, Lynn still worked, drove himself around, completed projects, and helped me with things … Continue reading

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Life’s Precious Balance

As winter progressed to spring this year, Lynn was finally beginning to feel less fatigue, his muscles were getting stronger, his reactions to the Rebif injections were becoming less and less and it seemed that he was finally over the … Continue reading

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