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A Short Trip Back Home

For the most part, Lynn and I are home bodies.  He just doesn’t handle traveling very well so we rarely leave home.  His already ever-present exhaustion is made significantly greater when he travels and it usually takes a full day … Continue reading

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Guest Blog – Seeing Through the Woulds by Dan Digmann

Seeing through the woulds By Dan Digmann Birds are chirping. Breeze is blowing. Mourning doves are, uh, mourning. And I’m that man sitting on the deck typing. I’m writing what seemingly are assorted random thoughts, but that’s not fair to … Continue reading

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What’s a Ratchet?

When I took on being a full time caregiver, I knew I was taking on full responsibility for skin care, elimination, nutrition, hygiene, assistance with activities of daily living and even physical therapy.  What I hadn’t counted on was taking on my … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Get Jealous

Sometimes I am jealous of Lynn.  Isn’t that sick? How could any able-bodied individual who is healthy, independent, productive, able to work and function normally be jealous of someone who is totally dependent on someone else for EVERYTHING in his … Continue reading

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Moment by Moment

I was reading a blog about advice caregivers give to other caregivers and as I read through the suggestions (all of which rang true,) one connected with me more than all the others—“live in the moment.” “Live in the moment,” … Continue reading

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