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What Happens When It’s My Turn?

Having turned fifty-seven this week; Hope of retirement in eight years seems bleak. Thinking of losing my income somehow; Is much too scary to think of just now. To think of not having two jobs but just one Is a … Continue reading

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Thankful to Be a Caregiver

Being a caregiver is difficult.  It’s a lot of hard work; it’s emotionally trying; it’s downright exhausting…but it is also very rewarding.  I try each day to come up with at least one thing that I have done or used … Continue reading

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Is This It? I Thought It Would Be Bigger

For the past year, I have excitedly looked forward to this year’s beach vacation.  I have dreamed about how awesome it would be, talked about it with anyone who would listen, and looked forward to it like a child looking … Continue reading

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Who Can Afford Respite Care?

Before I get started on this blog, I want to write a disclaimer:  I’m very tired and having difficulty this week coping so if you are a caregiver; read on—you probably have felt the same way.  If you are someone … Continue reading

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